a bird 


singing bird automation

another bird at work 

walking the streets without sidewalks and singing to myself - to others - to whatever 

with joy   with generosity   with anger   with sorrow 

with a desire to smile and say hello - or without it 

with the urge to yell silently - which is all i was taught to do 

my work is to sing and my work is to heal

these days 

for how many days 


a line - or a wave - 

is a collection of small dots       - a continuity of dots - of short moments

a current 

an electric current

electrons moving through a wire - a collection of small dots 

an electric wire

a hose - a water wire - 

a current 


thinking of yoko ono 

the circular staircase 

the ladder

thinking of slides

of curves

of cycles 

of stretchy material

of blue 

lighter - darker

of daytime 

of timechange

of seasons 

of slow and constant changes

of uncertainties

of the impossibility of certainties 


i am certain that i love you 


on the slide of life

a light blue 

huge slide 

being kids - always 

surviving by 

being playful 

that is how animals normally survive

the most playful    stay alive 

law of nature 

i am thinking of 

no digital no speakers

the sounds of materials

i’ve explored the sounds of 

voices and instruments


the sounds of other materials

can i do that 


i have a garage here 

and the shops are supposed to reopen in two weeks 

flexible materials

if i stretch it 

is the blue lighter 

but i am really not friends with 


i am thinking of processes 

of birth 

of life

i am thinking of 


of graphics 

of curves

of oscillations 

everything is just oscillations 

can we slide on that fact 

i am thinking about


of dead - sleeping


in every school yard 

i am thinking of kids

trapped inside unsafe houses

i am thinking of fear

of abuse

of how trauma kills


(van der kolk, 2014)

silenced swings 

i am thinking of 


inside bodies

inside walls 

of life 

of death 

of cycles 

of sinewaves 

i have to go and get the 

individual note on music 

by daphne oram 

sleeping somewhere in a box in my parents basement

i can cycle there

never read it - really 

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